What can you do yourself in case of an insect bite, if you do not suffer from an insect venom allergy?

  • Remove the remaining sting or tick with tweezers.
  • Hold something cool (e.g. ice pack, cold compress) on the affected area for at least ten minutes.
  • Do not scratch the puncture.
  • If possible, elevate the stung body part to reduce the swelling.
  • Special creams from the pharmacy help against itching and swelling.  

When to seek medical advice?

 Contact your family doctor when:

  • the consequences of the insect bite do not get better or even worsen within a few days.
  • an approx. 10 cm long or several small red swellings develop around the puncture.
  • you have been stung near the eye, mouth or throat.
  • the puncture becomes inflamed.
  • you get flu-like symptoms (e.g. high fever, swollen glands).

When to seek medical advice immediately?

Get medical aid immediately if

  • you are gasping or have breathing difficulties.
  • your face, mouth or throat is swollen.
  • you have trouble swallowing.
  • you feel dizzy or you have fainted.