How can you tell that your infant has earaches?

Your child may suffer from earaches if:

  • it is increasingly touching or rubbing the ears.
  • does not respond to some noises.
  • repeatedly loses the balance

At the same time as these complaints, your child may also:

  • be irritated or restless or cry.
  • have no appetite.
  • have fever (above 38°C)

What can you do yourself if your infant has earaches?

  • Leave your child's ears alone. Do not remove earwax, do not use cotton swabs and do not put anything else in your child's ear. 
  • Make sure that no water or shampoo runs into your infant's ear.

When to seek medical advice?

You should consult your family doctor or paediatrician if your infant:

  • has earaches for more than three days.
  • suffers from recurrent earaches.

When to seek medical advice immediately?

Seek urgent medical attention if you notice that your infant:

  • has a very high temperature and trembles.
  • has a swelling around the ear.
  • is losing fluid from the ear.
  • hearing is bad or the hearing has changed.
  • has something stuck in the ear.
  • is under 2 years old and has earaches in both ears.